The citrus festival


A magical moment to admire typical local customs and traditions, absolutely not to be missed …

Inserted in the circuit of the Great Events of Sardinia, today it has acquired the fame of the most joyful party in Sardinia.

It takes place every year in Muravera in early spring.

An unmissable event that marks the beginning of the tourist season, an important showcase for all citrus and local productions.

The event, born as a showcase to make local citrus productions known and appreciated, over the years has become a pleasant spring appointment for tourists and visitors who want to spend an original day full of events.

Citrus is the prince of the party and gives it color, flavor and taste.

Along the streets it will be possible to admire and taste the protagonist of the event declined according to typical, original and inviting recipes.



The Ardia is a wild ride on horseback made in honor of San Costantino, which takes place every year in Sedilo on the evening of 6 July and is repeated on the morning of 7 and recalls the battle of Ponte Milvio between Constantine and Maxentius.

It’s led by a leader, “sa prima pandela”, followed by two other knights, sa secunda and sa third, and by three escorts representing Constantine and his army. Approximately 100 knights participate each year who, instead, represent the pagans led by Maxentius.

Not only sea in Sardinia


Popular traditions are still very rooted in Sardinian culture today.

The traditional dress expresses the character of a land with a thousand-year history and where it can still be admired worn in all its variations during the great festivals, such as that of Sant’Efisio in Cagliari or the Cavalcata di Sassari.

Sardinian craftsmanship includes fabrics, clothes, weaves and ceramics and has characteristics that make it unique and inimitable, thanks to the particular decorative motifs, almost an alphabet that is the origin of a symbolic language.

These traditions are still preserved today and are handed down from generation to generation, making these precious artifacts like a treasure.

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