Guide Sardinia

History, culture and traditions, a magical way to get to know our land


Guide Sardinia

In collaboration with Guide Sardinia we offer a wide range of excursions all accompanied by an expert guide who will show you the beautiful nature that surrounds us.

You can visit Sardinia in a different and unforgettable way.

Sea lovers can take a boat trip to visit the most beautiful beaches and small islands of southern Sardinia.

fascinating historical and archaeological sites of the island, or they will have the opportunity to follow the food and wine routes to discover the Sardinian culinary tradition.


Food and wine tourism

With our food and wine tours you can discover the origins and traditions of wine and culinary specialties of Sardinia: wineries, dairies and traditional oil mills will be the basis of every guided tour where tradition and taste meet.


Nature and History merge

We have decided to satisfy the tastes of all our guests, proposing, thanks to our expert partners, excursions of different types.

Adventurers will be able to enjoy a wonderful sailing trip and admire the most beautiful beaches and islands of southern Sardinia with crystal clear waters.

For the most curious people, instead, we offer the possibility to visit the most beautiful and suggestive archaeological sites of the island such as the ancient Phoenician, Punic and Roman city of Nora or the nuraghe of Barumini and much more…

Without renouncing to the experience of visiting the beautiful Cagliari, an evocative city rich in history.